Monday, June 9, 2014

Physics Project Reflection- 4

I learned about the basics of physics (energy, Newton's Laws, G-Forces) and how they apply to real life. And he building of the roller coaster really aided in my education of basic physics because it gave me a hands-on oppurtunity to use physics. If I could change my project I would choose a table space instead of the floor space so the structure would already have some height and would be more sturdy. I would also finish building the roller coaster sooner and making sure it worked so I could prepare more for the final presentation. After the presentation I was very relieved, because this project was very frustrating at times and I was often very worried about the turnout of the project, even though in turned out okay.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Physics Project Reflection #3

I am not as satisfied with the progress we have made so far as I would like to be, I find that it has been more difficult than it should've been. Inertia has made the building of our coaster difficult because we have to constantly check the coaster and control the speed of the marble so it's inertia doesn't cause it to fall off. One thing that is frustrating is how little progress we have made despite the resources we have access to, I feel like we should have more accomplished than we currently do, and I am worried about finishing in time for the presentation. One thing we have done well with is our team's cooperation amongst each other, we can make decisions easily as a group and each team member knows their role as a part of the group.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Physics Reflection Project 2- Ethan

We did not accomplish as much this class as we had hoped to, mainly because we were having troubles with materials and constructing our coaster. For next class we hope to complete at least half of the required number for changes in energy. Also, to sort out our materials better and think ahead more with the design of the roller coaster.